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Looking for mini liquor bottles? Mini shot belt has got you covered! Whether you want to customize them for a wedding party, birthday party, or a special event, mini shot belt will do the work for you! (818) 668-7184 order yours today!

Many times, event favors are the same old thing, and boring. We serve you with the best range of customized liquor bottles that can be found on the internet. Our 50ml plastic bottles are made from high grade plastic manufactured here in the USA and are very practical for any occasion. We're not just the original Alcohol Shot Belt company, but we are also the first ones to create a market for these fun small empty mini shot liquor bottles. If you're planning a wedding party, bachelorette party, birthday party, a special event, we have specialty customized liquor bottles that can complement every theme by adding an extra fun unique yet classy layer.

Let us do all the work designing your bottles. Either choose one of our pre made bottles for your event, which come in sets of 12 or you can email us your customized vision of what you would like your bottle to look like including your cap color.