Summer is in full swing, which means lots of outdoor parties and get-togethers with family and friends. You can have barbecues, days out at the beach, parties by the pool and much more so that you all have fun, spend time together and enjoy life. With all the party planning you are doing, you do not want to forget about having the drinks for the party. Getting together the different beverages people want can seem like a chore, but when you take a fun and unique approach to it, you can make it different and add to the party atmosphere. That is what we can do for you here at Mini Shot Belt, where you can buy miniature empty bottles online to use for your parties.

Enjoy the Party Yourself

Too many times when you are the host of the party, you find that you end up being the bartender as well. You are constantly on the go, getting drinks for people, mixing things together, using the blender and so on. This takes away time that you could spend relaxing, enjoying and interacting with your guests. When you use the mini bottles that we offer, you can pre-mix and fill the bottles, so you have drinks made for the group well ahead of time. All you need then is to put them in a cooler or line them up for the party and people can take what they want when they want while you relax and enjoy the party too.

Buy Miniature Empty Bottles Online

Easy to Buy and Order

 When you shop with us at Mini Shot Belt, you can buy miniature empty bottles online at our website very easily. All you have to do is choose the quantity that you need for your party and place your order. We have a nice selection of bottles so that you can select different colored caps or designs to match the theme of the party you are having. We can even customize bottles for you if you want a special picture or message on each bottle so that people have something to commemorate the day.

Get Your Bottles Now

There is no time like the present for you to buy miniature empty bottles online for your party. Come and see our selection at Mini Shot Belt at our website at You can place an order safely and securely online and have the bottles shipped out to you right away so that you can be sure you have them in plenty of time to use for your next event.