Are you tired of using  glasses and bottles? Of course you are. If not, ignorance is bliss, but we’re here to tell you about a little joy called Mini Shot Belt. You can now drink and party without worrying about being that lame who spills their drink everywhere. With the new small plastic bottles, you now don’t have to worry of any foreign objects being introduced into your drink or holding anything. Everything is hands-free. With the benefits of the small plastic bottles, it is no wonder that event organizers as well as club and bar owners might want to try them out.

If you are looking to acquire quite a number of the small plastic bottles, consider the wholesale option. Typically, the small plastic bottles are carried with a belt. Currently, there are quite a selection of belts you can get. The available options include the typical 24 inch belt which can be wrapped round the waist or across the shoulder. Alternatively, there are now the thigh, arm, and biceps belts which have not only brought fun into partying, but also a touch of specialty.

If you are a supplier or a club manager, you can replace your glasses with these little saviors – these plastic bottles of greatness. In addition to bringing convenience to your customers, they also save you money. Let’s have a close and practical look at it. How many glasses have been broken in your club in the last month? Within a year, most owners have to completely replace their glasses with a new set as most of them are broken. Additionally, the care, handling, and maintenance of glasses are more complex and it requires time.

Keep Cost Low With The Small Plastic Bottles

With the small plastic bottle, you can help to keep the costs of buying new glasses down, or simply do away with it. Given the small bottles are made of plastic, the risk of breaking is basically gone. All that is required in maintaining the plastic bottle is effective cleaning and sterilization. Moreover, the small plastic bottles are way cheaper than glass. For only $9.99, you have a dozen of these bottles and the deal gets even better when you buy them wholesale.

With the plastic bottles, you won’t need as many bartenders, as they can handle a larger number of customers by strapping a single 42 inch belt strapped around their waist that carries 24 bottles. So, what are you waiting for? Revolutionize your services today for the better by acquiring the small plastic bottles and mini shot belt. Contact us for wholesale prices today!


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