The fun of taking a hard drink and liquor in particular is in drinking it directly from the bottle, isn’t it? Well, this fun is often limited by the fact that, the majority of the brewer’s bottles are inconveniently large, and made of glass. Well, it is acknowledged that some companies have tried to make their bottles conveniently small, but it does not quit fit the bill. Moreover, the issue of hygiene will often come into the equation because, it is inarguable that the cleanliness of these bottles especially if you are in a club or any other public entertainment joint, it’s not insured.

If you love drinking from the bottle and the above issues make it impossible for you, here is the solution to your problem – the small plastic bottles. These are 50 ml bottles are reusable and help to bring the fun into the party. The bottles are best suited for outdoor events and highly-active events like college parties. Once the bottles are filled with your favorite liquor, then you can carry them with a belt. These are available in numerous colors and designs based on how you carry them. The standard belt known as the mini shot belt can be strapped round the waist or across the chest while the other design can be strapped round the arm for muscular people or round the thigh.

 Wholesale small plastic bottles


The standard mini shot belt carried 24 bottles and here the good news, when you buy it, it comes with empty 12 preloaded small bottles. The cost of this mini shot belt with a dozen empty bottles is the better – it’s only $24.99. Are the bottles limited to individuals? No, if you are a club manager or an events organizer and what better ways to satisfactorily serve your customers, then these bottles will effectively help you realize your objective while at the same time cutting down on operational costs.

For such customers, then the small plastic bottles are available through wholesale terms. Yes, you can buy the bottles under wholesale terms and help to cut down on the cost price. Because of the nature of clubs and events, for a manger or the organizer to effectively provide for the customers, then more bottles will be required to allow for cleaning and reuse. In such a case, you will be more bottles compared to the belts. For the price, be sure to contact the company and get a customized price quotation for your demand.

As mentioned above, these plastic small bottles will help to cut down your operational costs. How’s this possible? One, you won’t have to worry of replacing broken glasses as the plastic bottles cancel this risk. Secondly, the cost of a single belt is $24.99, and comes with 12 empty bottles, which is approximately the same price for a half a dozen of glasses. Lastly, a single waiter will carry 24 bottles, compared to the at most six glass the tray can carry. This means a single waiter/waitress will serve more customers therefore you will make do with a less number of waiters. All these benefits translate to low lower operational costs and increased profits.