Do you own a club or are an event organizer for outdoor party events where liquor is consumed? If yes, then you need to read this. Have you found it problematic to serve liquor especially those that are sold in shots? Typically, for these drinks you have to bear the pain of having to carry and care for the liquor bottles and the shot glasses. What if you could still serve your guests and not have to struggle with the glasses and beer bottles? Well, this is possible with the mini liquor bottles.

The mini liquor bottles are a revolution in the liquor industry and they surpass the other methods of consuming beer in convenience and come in handy for outdoor events and parties. If you are an event organizer and are considering the mini liquor bottles, then you should look for the wholesale option. Because you are seeking a large quantity of these bottles, the wholesale mini liquor bottles option will be more appropriate, not just because of the numbers involved, but also for the price and shipping convenience. If you buy the wholesale offer, the total price will be lesser than if your where to buy individual belts which means you get to save.

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Why are the mini liquor bottles the way to go for your businesses?

There are a number of reasons and the first is affordability. As a business manager or owner, affordability is something that should catch your attention because the objective of every business is to lower expenses and maximize on profits. This is an aspect that has the potential operational costs cuts. The bottles are carried with a belt that has a carrying capacity of up to 24 50 ml bottles. A single belt costs approximately $25 and comes with 12 empty bottles. This is the same price for a half dozen of glasses. Moreover, if you use these bottles, then you overcome the costly risk of glasses breaking.

The second benefit is convenience. The belt which is used to carry the mini shot belt can be strapped round the waist or across the chest; this means a single waiter can serve 24 customers on a single go. How many bottles plus glasses does a single serving tray carry in the conventional settings? This means you can effectively run your event/club with the lesser number of waiters. Ultimately, this translates to monetary benefits for the business because, with fewer personnel, wages and salaries go down, that is lesser operational costs and more profit.

So, do you see what you are minimizing out by not using the mini liquor bottles; customer satisfaction at less costs!