Custom mini shot bottles are a  popular choice for wedding favors. Wedding favors with a touch of class is what you will be offering the guests who attend your wedding. If you want to spice up your wedding favor, and give your family and friends a treat that they will have them remembering your wedding forever, then the custom mini shot bottle is the wedding favors to choose.

When you are wanting to kick off the wedding reception and set the right mood, why not start it off with a custom mini shot bottle for your wedding favors. The custom mini shot bottle is an excellent option if you don’t want to give the traditional wedding favors. There are so many benefits to the custom mini shot bottle as your wedding favors.

Customer Mini Shot Bottles

Custom Mini Shot Bottle Wedding Favor Benefits

  • Customize it with a custom label
  • Add the color scheme of your wedding
  • Add the date of your wedding
  • Dress up the mini shot bottle with mini bowties and veils
  • Add the liquor of your choice
  • And so much more…

The custom mini shot bottle wedding favors are an elegant way to display your monograph. Adding a ribbon or jewels to the mini shot bottle will enhance it and bring beauty. As each guest enters the wedding reception, the guests will be greeted with their very own classy and elegant souvenir of your special day. This is a unique, but special wedding favors that can be displayed.

Affordable Custom Mini Shot Bottles

You can spruce up the custom mini shot bottle by adding a bow tie to one and a wedding veil to a second one, then you can give out wedding favors that represent a bride and groom. The great benefit of the custom mini shot bottle is you can create your very own wedding favor that is only yours. It won’t ever be duplicated. Set a mood and a memory at the same time with a personalized wedding favors.

Wedding favors are a way for the bride and groom to give back to their guests. Wedding favors have been given for decades. You can put a spin on the traditional wedding favors by creating your own with the custom mini shot bottle. They are easy to customize, and they are affordable. Wedding favors with a touch of class comes by giving the custom mini shot bottle that we offer.