When you own or operate a bar or pub, you are constantly trying to come up with new promotions that can help bring more customers through the door. Every business like this has days of the week where they could use more customers, or perhaps you want to find a way to pack the house on a Friday or Saturday night. There are different promotions you can try, like having bands, special contests or party events, but drink promotions can also be a unique way to get attention. You may want to consider the use of small liquor bottles for your promotions to provide an easy way to get shots and drinks to your customers.

Using Small Bottles for Special Shots

The small bottles can be the perfect way for you to have special drink promotions with unique shots in them. If you have a particular party theme for one night, you may want to choose a special shot that goes along nicely with that theme. You can then bottle the shots ahead of time in the small bottles, seal them, and have them at the ready for your bartenders to pass out to anyone that is interested. The theme shots like this can be advertised with your promotion to give the guests something to look forward to.

Small Bottles are Easy to Deal With

The great thing about using small liquor bottles for promotions like this is that they are easier for you to deal with. You will not have to worry about slowing your staff down on a crowded and busy night mixing shots or pouring shots since they can just hand out the bottles. Since the bottles are made of plastic, you also do not have to worry about broken glass or cleaning a ton of shot glasses or barware during or after the event, making cleanup easier for you and your crew.

Where to Get Your Liquor Bottles

Now that you know small liquor bottles can be great for you to use, you will want to know where you can get the bottles for your promotion. You can contact us here at Mini Shot Belt, and we can get you all the bottles you need for your event. You can just give us a call at 818-668-7184, and we will be happy to take your bulk order for you so that you can get the bottles you need at a great price and start working on the promotion your customers will love.