Are you the ultimate party animal? Whenever your party is around the corner is it the talk of town? Is your party so wild that not all of them are able to enjoy and get drunk? What you need is mini alcohol bottle and a strap to hold all that booze. Wearing that you would look like a liquor Rambo.

How the party began.

These miniature bottles were used to serve alcohol in planes and trains. They were sort of like samplers for people to just calm their nerves. Since it was obviously a financial hassle to buy a whole bottle to serve a few making these smaller bottles was much more cost productive. 

Alcohol Bottle

Why miniature bottles of alcohol?

Okay, we all know that a great party means you need some great liquor. The only problem with great liquor is that they are so expensive that just by buying one or two of them you exhaust almost half of your "party money" and that's not a lot of booze to go around for your wild celebration. Then you go on to an alternative which is cheap alcohol, which is probably good for your wallet but not so good for a fun buzz to go around. So what is the other option?

Buy great liquor in tiny quantities. It just so happens that you can buy miniature alcohol which is cheaper than buying a full bottle. Also you can buy different types of alcohol based on your choice. The variety and the amount of booze lets you have a great time and not affect your wallet too much. You can also keep these small miniature alcohol bottles and refill them at a later time. So, if you want a quick shot of some pick me up during the day for whatever reason, you can do so.  You are able to fit it anywhere and take it anywhere. It really is just a small bottle for celebrating in the end of the day.

Miniature Alcohol Bottle Are Not Only For The Party

It is surprising to note that these bottles are quite intricately made and a lot of people actually collect them for the purpose of memory. To remember the good times they had. It could almost be said that it can be used for ornamental purposes. It would not be misplaced if showcased on a shelf.

Not to also mention that they are great for gifting purposes. They are not much of a hassle to buy and you can even buy a set of them for a very nominal price. You can not only get them from a general alcohol store but even online. You can even customize the look of the bottle to such an extent that it can be very personalized.

The ideal uses of the bottle size

Multiple uses for a small alcohol bottle can be used for parties, gifts, collections and just for a small pick me up. So go online or visit a store near you and throw that wild party. Don't forget to invite everyone.