Trying to make one party from the next better and better gets more challenging for you. There seems to be only so much you can do to bring new methods of fun and excitement to your parties without spending a fortune on entertainment or products. You want everyone to have a memorable time and fun, but you want it done within a budget as well. With that in mind, now may be a good time to see what we have to offer here at Mini Shot Belt. Our unique belts allow you to create magical concoctions for beverages for your party so that you can carry them around or display them in a new and fun way. There are some great uses for the mini alcohol bottles we provide with your order so you can make the drinks people love.

Mix Up the Favorites

The mini bottles give you the chance to mix up everyone’s favorite party drinks so that you have shots pre-made for people to enjoy. You can mix up large batches of favorite mixed drink shots like daiquiris, margaritas, kamikazes, mai tais, Moscow mules, or any other drink you know your friends will love. You can then put the shots into the little bottles, cap them, and have the shots ready to go for your party. Everyone can just grab one when they want a shot and it is ready to go.

Mini Alcohol Bottles

Go with the Classics

Of course, you can also use the mini alcohol bottles just to have straight shots of everyone's favorite alcohols if that is what you prefer. You can fill them with vodka, gin, tequila, different flavors of rum or whatever spirits fit well with the theme of your party. You can even fill some with things like soda, tonic or other mixers so people can mix their own drinks throughout the party without any fuss.

Order What You Need

The great thing about ordering from us at Mini Shot Belt is that you can get the number of bottles that you need so that you have plenty to go around. The bottles are easily refillable as well so you can use them again if you like. If you would like to look at the belts and bottles we offer for sale and place an order, you can head over to our website at and get what you need for your next party.