Did you know you can buy mini liquor bottles online from us simply by visiting our website? We have several different 50ml mini bottles just for your nip. Why go and buy a whole bottle of a new brand of liquor only to find it not good for your taste.  We sell these miniature bottles just for you.  We have different sizes and different designs to suit you.


Are you travelling a long distance journey by bus or even using an airplane?  Well then carrying some bloody amount of whole liquor bottles will make you look not awkward but also they will inconvenience you to a greater degree. The Purpose for the Mini Shot Bottle is to be designed just for you. They are very pocket friendly; talking of jacket pocket or the one for you trousers. Thus you can easily move around comfortably with your best brandy with you without even your immediate neighbor not knowing what you are carrying.


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At mini-shot belt we also sell these empty mini bottles. The Purpose for the Mini Shot Bottle is to allow it’s user the freedom to drink what they want.  Some think that we are better when combined. This holds true for wines and spirits. That is why some people like to create their own kinds of blends to get different tastes. Our miniatures are best suit for this purpose. You can thus get several beer or wine or any brandy at very cheap costs and make your blends of your own taste without buying those big full size bottles. Thus you can adjust the acidity or dilute a particular taste of brandy by mixing it with another brandy to come up with something absolutely new.


Thinking of starting an outdoor party or host one at the backyard? Well then these miniatures will best work for you. Think of a party of about 20 people each with their own favorite brandy model. Buying full size bottles will really prove costly thus to suit everyone’s taste mini bottles is the way.


Another not to forget reason for our miniature bottles is that many people nowadays like house parties. That means establishing your own in-house drinking cabinet. Real bottles are not only expensive but also take a lot of space. Thus using these miniatures will save you not only your pocket but also on space. With a small cabinet, you will store several types of wines from different manufactures of your own choice.