The days tick by on your calendar, and you notice that your favorite time of year is drawing closer and closer. The weather is getting warmer and more beautiful each day, the sun is out longer and longer, and you know that summer is right around the corner now. With the arrival of summer means more time on the weekends spent outdoors, but it also means throwing those fantastic summer parties for you, your family and your friends. You cannot wait to get the pool ready, the grill fired up and the music cranking, but you also want to do something different and fun this year for your first summer party. Why not look for a place where you can buy mini liquor bottles that you can fill with your favorite drink or shot for the party.


Custom Party Creations

Using mini bottles like this give you the chance to create large batches of your favorite drink or shot and have it available for everyone whenever they want one. You can fill up the bottles in advance of your party, creating a drink that goes along with your party theme and you will have everything ready to go. Doing this ahead of time allows you to spend more time partying and enjoying your guests and less time mixing drinks and shots for everyone all day long. Passing out plastic bottles to everyone is also a lot safer than having glass shot glasses around the pool deck.

Make Them Special

If you are looking to buy mini liquor bottles to use for your pool party, here at Mini Shot Belt, we can help you with what you need. We have a huge supply of empty 50ml plastic bottles that are perfect for your use and available for you to order. We can supply you with the quantities of basic empty bottles that you need for a great price, and we can also help you make custom bottles for your event with a picture or text label on each bottle to mark your special event.

Buy Mini Liquor BottlesCheck us Out!

To buy the mini liquor bottles you need for your summer parties this year, check us out at Mini Shot Belt and see what we have to offer. You can take a look at our product line when you visit our website at and then place your order online and from the comfort of your home so you can get everything shipped right to you. Make your summer parties more memorable for everyone with your special bottles this year.