The feeling you get when you hear the phrase glass half empty is just too frustrating. As an alcohol lover it’s easy to understand the feeling you get when you have just begun a conversation and your glass gets empty or the hardship of carrying a drink in your glass. The act of drinking from glass is too cumbersome. Some of the germophobes just avoid drinks in the bar due to the reason of being exposed to germs from using someone else’s glass. Sometimes you feel like having a drink or two due to workload but are unable to carry the bottle of your favorite brand.

The solution to all these problems comes down to one way and that are the mini bottles. These mini bottles are a utility when you are going on a road trip with your college buddies and you have packing issues, then these bottles come in very handy. Each one of them would be 50ml liquor bottles in capacity. So the next time you go on a road trip with your buddies, just relax and instead of bubble wrapping your essential drinks just empty them into these bottles which would be very practical for any such journeys.

Getting the fun started with Mini Bottles

Mini bottles can be used for birthday parties, pool parties, frat parties, Halloween parties and even for boring family functions where your strict mum makes you stay away from the liquor, but you can fulfill your desire of having a drink anytime and anywhere just by having these mini bottles with you and the entire family dinner will go as smooth as a ride on the highway.

These mini alcohol bottles come in a pack of 12 with the mini shot belt but the capacity of the belt is to hold 24 bottles. These bottles are attached with the belt through the Velcro, so you shouldn’t worry about your drink if you are just letting yourself loose with the beats of the music. These bottles can be used in theme parties where instead of the usual boring wine glasses or the coupes, these bottles can be used which will bring a sense of uniqueness to your party. Serving alcohol in these bottles is becoming a style statement and the more people come to know about these bottles the more it is gaining popularity.

Utility of these bottles:

  • Gift these miniature bottles to your liquor loving boyfriend or to your alcohol adoring best friend. Trust me any devotee of his drink would be bowled over by such a present.
  • You can use it as a deceiving agent for your boss who has a strict policy of having no drinks during the office hours.
  • Pep up your party by serving drinks in these bottles and become the talk of the town.
  • Spice up your best friend’s bachelorette by serving cocktails to all her besties and guests.
  • These bottles can be recycled.

These bottles though small in size can make you the trending topic in all the upcoming parties on the block. So be ready and go out and shop for these before you start planning your party.


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