Liberate Yourself with Miniature Plastic Bottles

Drinking from a glass is fun, but it can be a pain. If it’s not a pain for you, it still have room for improvement. Public places allow your drink to be exposed to dirt, foreign substances, and the risk of pouring out. On the other hand, to drink from a bottle is fun, but then the typical beer bottle is cumbersome. You might think I sound crazy, but how many times have you seen beer bottles tipped over? It’s a constant thing, and it only gets worse as you get more and more drunk. Like I said, there’s room for improvement. We are introducing to the new, safe, fun, and liberating way to enjoy your drink, with miniature plastic bottles.



Rambo Style Best With Miniature Plastic Bottles

This miniature plastic bottles are available at 50 ml, which is convenient for any type of drink, since the majority of drinks are best served in small quantities. If it’s tequila, it will be fun to sip it from the miniature bottle as you go on with your partying or work (if you are the type that requires a sip while on the job). Don’t worry, we won’t rat you out. Who’s to say I’m not sipping on some vodka right now?

Anyway, the bottles are carried with the minishot belt, and just like every other belt, it is wrapped round the waist or across the shoulder – “Rambo style”. The bottles are like the bullets stacked in the Rambo belt and a single belt can carry up to 24 bottles. So, how much can you drink in a single sitting? A single belt of 24 50 ml miniature bottles has the potential to get your pretty tore up.

Once you buy the minishot belt, you then buy 12 empty bottles. This is enough to last you a party for the average drinkers. However, if you need more, then an additional dozen set of these miniature plastic bottles will only cost you $9.99.

These miniature plastic bottles are highly convenient for outdoor parties and activities. Event planners can use these bottles and the belt to bring fun into the party. This can be used by the waiters and bartenders to supply drinks to their clients. All that is needed is to have a number of staff members strapped with the belt, and each representing a certain drink. Then they will walk around the party supplying the attendees, just like they do in the cocktail parties.

The miniature plastic bottle is the perfect option for birthday parties, pool side parties, backyard barbecue parties, and Halloween as well as new year parties. Get your mini shot belt today!


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