Have a disc and drink party on this Saturday night, and thinking how to rock it to the core and catch attention of everyone? Don’t stress your grey cells, rather go for mini vodka bottles and fix them up in the shot belt, this would not only add to your style but also add an ease in your party.

Mini vodka bottles as your specialty

Mini shot bottles are little but serve 50 ml which is enough for one shot, they are big bombs in small packing, so don’t worry about going again and again to the bar area and buying the same drink. Buy these handy miniatures similar to those served in airlines. Just wrap around your waist and go on rocking the party. The best point is that they come in plastic bottles separate for each serving, so there no chance of spilling in that overcrowded disc, you can even share them with your friends, and that too with a retro style. Another added benefit is, you do not need to go and find glasses every time, just open up a fresh mini vodka bottle and float into euphoric and stress buster world.

Mini vodka bottles as gift

These can be the best gift item to your drink crazy friend on his bachelor’s party or on his/her birthday party. Fill them with wines or tequila or just gift the mini vodka bottles and go boom. If there is a college county party there can be no better gift than these miniatures, these are so portable that, it can be carried to camping, or vacations too. These can be attached to the 42 inch adjustable-fit for all belts to avoid special crates or cartons or fear of their breaking away during travel. Due to their small size, they hide away like borrowers, so can be gifted without the fear of being caught at home.

Secret mischief

Due to their minion size, mini vodka bottles can be secretly taken to places where drinks may not be allowed, so you can even sip through it in front of the policemen, as they are cough syrup bottle sized. This may sound mischievous but hey, rules are meant to be broken. So take them along with you in parades, business meeting, to your colleges, or the boring family functions because now you have the answer to make it interesting secretly.

Add variety and flavor

Are you bored of the plain vodka? Why not have different shot in one party, but how? The solution is here- mini shot belt that can carry 24 different variants and flavors. Few of the flavors I can enlist for you as in, citron flavor, black currant, blue plain vodka, pear vodka or raspberry. Offer to your friends or to the hot lady on the dance floor, allure her and start making new friends in style.

Though it seems crazy to keep so many variants of vodka shots but once in a while be crazy to break the boredom from the busy schedule of work.


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