How do you like to party? What does partying mean to you? Well, if you are the kind of person that loves partying, then you must have noted some shortcoming, especially for the drinks. This is well illustrated for outdoor or backyard parties. In the traditional party settings, you have to walk around with the over sized bottles. These bottles are an inconvenience and make partying redundant as you have to keep ordering from the bartender every now and them. Alternatively, if you opt to use a glass, like in the case of the typical bar setting, then you risk having dirt or any other foreign material introduced into your drink. Plus, you have to carry it around your hand while moving and trying not to spill it on yourself.

Rambo Style Mini Shot Belts

Well, now you don’t have to worry about all that, as you can carry all you want to drink with you. Even if you’re a heavy drinker, 24 bottles is quite a bit to get you started. This belt also gives you the time you need to enjoy your drink, to chat with your friends, and to have fun, which is the ultimate goal of every party. With the mini shot belts, now you can do without the services of a bartender or waiter. If it is an outdoor party, you get to have more fun and don’t have to worry about where to place your drink if you need to be hands-free. Again, you don’t have to spill your drink and be that one person who has to get cut off for spilling everywhere.

The mini shot belt is typically a belt wrapped around the waist. The belt comes with miniature plastic bottles that you use to carry your drink. Does it sound liberating and fun? That’s because it is. The belts are available and can be purchased online. A single belt is highly affordable and it comes with a dozen empty bottles. A single belt carries 24 bottles and the belts are made to be water resistant and have a firm Velcro strap. A single bottle is 50 ml. The belts come in a variety of colors and you get to choose your favorite when ordering.

Get creative with your Mini Shot Belts!

Another cool thing about the mini shot belt is that it can be worn in a variety of ways. The most common is the cowboy belt, but the Rambo belt is catching on quick. The mini shot belts brings in the wild feeling to a party making it convenient for Halloween, new years, and birthday parties, pool side bashes, outdoor celebrations, and backyard get together. A single belt with 12 empty 50 ml bottles will costs you $24 dollars plus $2 shipping. So, get yours today and be the life of the party!


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