Every time you travel you likely come across them on your airplane or perhaps in the mini fridge or honor bar in your hotel room. Those little bottles stare at you and offer you the thirst-quenching drink and satisfaction that you want that can help take the edge off of traveling. While those bottles are perfect for an occasion like this, they are ideal for a lot of other uses as well. Mini liquor bottles are perfect for you to enjoy on a plane or in a hotel, but you can do much more with them to make them a part of other aspects of your entertaining life.

Perfect Party Favors

Those little bottles can be just what you need for any party that you may throw. Mini bottles are great party favors for people to take home as a parting gift when they leave your party. You can make them a part of gift bags that you have for a bridal shower, bachelor or bachelorette party, college reunion or graduation or nearly any party you might throw. You can fill the bottles with a particular kind of alcohol that your guests enjoy or mix up a special drink for the occasion that gives everyone a perfect shot in one bottle.


Tailgate Your Heart Out

Tailgating has become more and more popular over the years, and mini liquor bottles can be the ideal addition to any tailgating event. Again, you can fill the bottles with your particular choice of beverage so that everyone can enjoy a shot or two while you party in the parking lot before the game. They are perfect because they do not take up a lot of space in your trunk or a cooler and you can take plenty of them with you to make sure the whole gang has a drink for the tailgate.

Order Your Bottles Today

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