Are you bored of having the same drink? Or changing your glass as you want to experiment with liquor? Most of you are familiar with the feeling of having a party and the plastic cups getting ended and you are in a situation of panic and feel like you are in an embarrassing situation. Then the solutions to your problem are the mini liquor bottles bulk.

Go for mini liquor bottles bulk

These mini liquor bottles come in very handy in times of parties and on road trips. With these bottles on a road trip you need not worry about getting your liquor packaged, just grab the mini alcohol bottles in bulk and that would make you getting high even more lighter. With the capacity of 50 ml of each bottle, you can carry 1200 ml of liquor with you and that too without any issue of having to carry those heavy bottles and whole lot of your friends can enjoy these bottles without the worry to discard them.

These miniature liquor bottles come in a set of 12 but with mini shot belt you can carry 24 bottles anywhere. These bottles can be attached onto the belt using Velcro and what better can you ask for. You can be the life of the party and still don’t have to worry about your drink getting spilled. These bottles can add glamour to any party. The mini shot belt is a new cool way to flaunt your love for the liquor. You can hang the belt around your waist or hang it on your shoulder. You can be creative in the way you flaunt your drinks and make the entire world know about your love for the alcohol.

When mini liquor bottle is such good news, then buying these mini liquor bottles bulk would be like cherry on your rum soaked cake. The bottles have an added advantage of being recycled. You can mix and match drinks in these bottles. If you can’t decide on what drink to go for, then here is the solution just fill half of these bottles with one kind of liquor while the other half with the other.

Bar with mini liquor bottles in bulk

If you are a party lover and loves to play the role of bartender, then grab these mini liquor bottles in bulk and give a new style to the concept of bartending by serving drinks in these bottles, rather than serving in the same conventional boring glasses. Mini liquor bottles can add spice to your not so trendy home bar.

If you want to gift your alcohol loving boyfriend something unique and don’t want to go the conventional way then just design a booze basket with the mini liquor bottles in bulk, the mini shot belt and just fill them up with the booze of his interest and can have a booze party between you two to make him feel more special. The booze basket surprise is sure to make your boyfriend fall head over heels for you.

So don’t waste time and grab these bottles and make your life glass free.


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