Occasions may be many but the idea is one that is to have a big blast to make the day special and memorable. Most of us consider liquor to be an important part of party, be it a youngsters’ party, or girls’ slumber party, ladies kitty party or guy’s bachelor’s party and truly it is, as it loosens us up, of all the stresses of busy schedule we carry along whole day with us. But it becomes cumbersome to carry along big bottles of liquors; it also restricts the versatility of flavors and variants. But thankfully mini liquor bottles are there to have a big bash in minion form.

Forms they can be varied to:

As these are little plastic bottles with 50 ml serving, they can be filled and refilled with the drinks we or our friends prefer. So we need not worry of spending too much and getting only one of the types, we can have these bottles with whiskey, wine-red or white, vodka, tequila, rum etc., which again can be altered in flavors as for vodka. We can add plain vodka to one of the mini liquor bottles, citron lemon to other, raspberry or blackcurrant to others. Not only this, there is option of mini shot belt which can accommodate in total of 24 bottles and can be tied around the waist just like any other normal waist belt, mix and match the flavors and variants and you are ready to rock the party. So take shots or make pegs customize on your choice because they are user friendly. For someone who is person of his/her rules only and not altered by anyone’s choice flaunt your style with these miniatures bottles, and it will bring you in limelight of the dance floor.

Use these mini liquor bottles with ease

These mini bottles ease your way out through the crowded dance floor to the bar area, so you need not think of checking out the bar area again and again for every drink or shout through the loud music of the party to prepare a drink for you to the bartender, you need not search for glasses even for each drink because these handy mini liquor bottle ease it for as they can either be tied to your waist or secretly slid in to your bag or pockets.

Experiment with these mini liquor bottles

These cute and small liquor bottles can allure anyone, so besides utilizing them in a party, they can also be kept as a collection in your personal mini bar at home. Go crazy and experiment with them, decorate that rum filled chocolate cake with these small bottles, or make a bouquet of mini bottles in number same as the age of birthday of your friend and gift it, or simply make a booze basket to gift on occasions like thanksgiving, or encase the varied small bottles into egg shaped boxes and ask your friends to choose in Easter’s party.
Unlike their small appearance s mini shot bottles surely wins heart of all be it party or festive occasions.


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