When you are having a party and are on the move throughout it, whether it is just a big party in the

house or the backyard by the pool, on a party bus for a bachelor or bachelorette party or reunion or at a

big tailgate before heading into the game you want to have easy access to your favorite drinks. Having

fun drinks handy for you and your friends can save you time and trouble, but what is available to you

that you can carry around easily that lets you make use of your favorite drinks and shots? You can invest

in the miniature alcohol bottles available at Mini Shot Belt so you can have everything you need all of

the time.

The alcohol bottles available from Mini Shot Belt allow you to fit shots of all of your favorite drinks right

inside the bottle, which you can then easily carry with you thanks to the belt. The bottles are designed

specifically to fit right into the belt and are made to hold a shot in each bottle, giving everyone just the

right portion. You can concoct your favorite shots before you head out, pour them into the bottles and

then have them readily available to you whenever someone would like one.

The bottles are made of plastic so you do not have to worry about any glass breaking while using them

and each bottle has a screw top for easy opening and closing. While you can get just plain bottles by the

dozen, there are also bottles available with different designs on them so that they can fit the particular

occasion for your party. These include designs specifically for bachelor and bachelorette parties and

other fun designs that you might enjoy for your party. You could even get bottles that are filled with

bubble bath solution if you prefer to have them without alcohol or buy the empty bottles and fill them

with whatever you might like to give away.

Mini Bottles

Getting the right sized bottles to go with the Mini Shot Belt will help to make your event fun and exciting

and give you great things to use for your event. You can get several belts and fill the bottles with a wide

variety of shots that people can carry around with them at your party to further add to the fun or pass

out belts as a party favor so more can join in the fun.