Have you ever wished that you could have your alcohol bottle smaller? Well, some beer manufacturers have tried to make their alcohol bottles smaller, but let’s agree on one thing, they are still some major shortcomings with these bottles that make them uncomfortable and unsafe to drink from. These include the fact that they are made from glass and once you open them, the lid cannot be replaced securely.

Well, the solution you seek is in the mini alcohol bottles. These are 50ml plastic bottles that are made to deliver on convenience. The bottles can be washed and reused as many times as possible and they are suited for both enterprise and personal setting. So, if you have a company that runs outdoor events or high-physical events, you can purchase the mini alcohol bottles and use them to serve your customers shots instead of using the exposed and risky glasses. For an individual, this is a way to enjoy partying as well as other events better with improved convenience.

Mini Alcohol Bottles

The mini alcohol bottles are available online and you can purchase them in individual bottles or with the belts that used to carry them. Yes, there are a variety of bottles that are used to carry these bottles. These are in a variety of colors and are made from water-proof material. The belts can be strapped round your waist or chest, round the arm or the thigh. While the arm and thigh belts carry a lesser number of the mini bottles, the standard belt referred to as the mini shot belt carries a total of 24 bottles.

So, in addition to purchasing the individual mini bottles, you can purchase the standard belt. This option will definitely be the most intriguing for you given the fact that the belt comes with 12 empty mini bottles. Doesn’t this sound like the deal you would prefer? It is convenient and affordable. The bottles as well as the belts are available in several different colors and you get the opportunity to choose as per your color preferences.

A single belt is available at the price of $24.99. This price is inclusive of the 12 empty bottles and you get to pay through your credit or debit card. No credit/debit card, don’t worry; you can still checkout through PayPal. The belt is then shipped to you for free within the US and depending on your location; you will be receiving the package within three days.