Whenever you are throwing a party like a bachelorette or a bachelor party, wedding shower, birthday, anniversary or another event where there will be many people, it is often customary to have party favors that the guests can take home with them as a memory of the event. Finding the perfect party favor that fits the theme and mood of your party can be a challenge because you usually want to stay away from many of the same, boring items you get at parties. You want something different that people will smile at, enjoy, and always remember. Something different that can be perfect for your party favors is the mini alcohol bottles we offer here at Mini Shot Belt.

Break the Mold

If you think about all the parties you have gone to, you have probably seen too many glass vases, tiny picture frames and a boxful of other knick knacks that you have no use for or anywhere to put. You do not want to be another party that passes out favors that people will just toss out as soon as they get home. You want your favors to be something that stands out from all the others and most importantly different. You can get mini bottles from us at Mini Shot Belt and fill them with your favorite shot or beverage, and pass them out to all the adults in attendance as a fun way to mark the occasion.

 Mini Alcohol Bottles

A Budget-Friendly Idea

Buying mini alcohol bottles from us at Mini Shot Bottle is also a great way to come up with a party favor that is affordable for you. When arranging a party of this sort, you usually have a budget in mind, so it is very necessary to do things that fit well within your budget. We offer you bulk quantities of plastic bottles for your event at an affordable price so that you have all the bottles you need. You can then fill them with whatever you prefer, so you have a favor that costs you much less than something you buy premade from a store.

Take a Look at Our Selection

If mini alcohol bottles sound like the perfect party favor for your next event, make sure you shop with us at Mini Shot Belt so you can get the bottles you need. You can view our selection of, made in the USA plastic bottles when you visit our website or you can give us a call at (818) 668-7184. You can place your order safely and securely online on our site so you can get the bottles delivered to you in plenty of time for your party.