All Way a Great Time with the Shot Belt

Perhaps the oldest kind of college party! The College Keg Party! Kick it off with a twist by serving your party goers wearing a shot belt armed with shots of spirits and guaranteed to make it memorable, that’s if anybody remembers anything the next day!

For a keg party the supplies are quite simple. All you need is a keg, a pump, a tub, some disposable cups, a shot belt, and 20-30 (or more) good friends who need to party.

To find a keg you simply need to check with your local liquor distributor, liquor store, or brewery. There are several links on the internet that will point you in the right direction.

Every Party Needs the Mini Shot Belt

To liven things up you will also need a shot belt to sling your favorite liquors and spirits to your guests, a keg party with just beer will only satisfy half of your guests, adding spirits to the mix will make you a campus legend.

Local laws will differ depending on location so be sure to check them out to avoid any problems right from the start. You don’t want the cops banging on your door before your party really gets underway.

Depending on the type of beer that you are looking for, prices range from about $50-$100 per keg. But I suppose beer is beer and people aren’t there for micro brewery tasting.

There are also different sizes available such as a quarter barrel which will serve about 80 12oz servings, a half barrel which serves about 160 12oz servings, and some top beers offer a 5 gallon party keg that holds about 50 12oz servings.

Don’t forget a shot belt or two, they come in only one size, the fun size! So strap one on and mix it up at your keg party, your guests will love you for it.

Make sure to find out if all supplies are included before deciding on a price, this will make the difference between an inexpensive keg and an expensive keg.

You need a tap, some co2 gas, and preferably a tub that you can fill with ice to keep the keg cold. Most distributors will include this in the price of the keg but you will need to leave a small deposit to assure that it is returned.

At a college keg party you usually don’t need to go all out and buy the most expensive kind, but beware that a cheap beer can ruin a good time. Go for the mid range and remember to stock some spirits and mixes, not everybody is a beer guzzler.

Don’t forget to make some of your favorite drink mixes, put on your shot belt and mix and mingle with your guests serving shots, you’ll be popular with the ladies and your keg party will be legendary, if anybody remembers!

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