Is the size of the hole in your pocket growing larger after each party you throw? Even though you spend so much money on good alcohol it seems that there is never enough for everyone? What you need are alcohol miniatures. Small bottles of fun that you can carry around! So,throw a strap around yourself and put on your best party face. It’s going to be an awesome ride.

The birthplace of alcohol miniatures

Miniature alcohol bottles have been around for quite some time. They used to be served on planes and trains as small samplers for the weary traveler. The best part about these alcohol miniatures is that they are worth one serving of your favorite drink and these bottles can be refilled. It made sense why they used to serve these on planes and trains from a financial point of view because they are priced reasonably also there is no problem of spillage or wastage.

Now if you were to go to a pub with a few of your mates you would be able to see small bottles of alcohol.

The reason alcohol miniatures you need to buy it.

Let’s be truthful for a second. Most people cannot afford to buy good enough alcohol for a party. The usual alternative is to buy cheaper alcohol but the downside is that it becomes much more difficult to get a good buzz to go around. The probability of getting an adulterated and bad quality alcohol is high and that is never fun. So the issue is that you need good alcohol at a better rate. 50 ml liquor bottles is the way to go because these allow you to get at least one serving of your favorite drink and usually these bottles are sold as a set. These are also designed quite well and can look very presentable in a showcase. A lot of people are known to collect these bottles because of the look.

Since it can, not only be used as a product for drinking but is also used as an ornamental object it makes sense that it can be used as a gift object. It is very easy to get since you can either buy it from a liquor store or from the internet. There are multiple sites that sell these bottles at a very nominal rate (they are usually sold as sets.) These websites also sometimes give you the opportunity to make engravings or other details upon the bottle.

Going back to the party scene, since you are able to buy a lot of great liquor you are also able to mix stuff around. There is little wastage or spillage going on hence making it a very useful to have around. During travel it is even better because you are able to keep 1 or 2 bottles of this stuffed in a fanny bag due to its small size.

These are reasons enough for you to buy a set of these bottles. They are small, compact, ornamental and cheap. So what are you waiting for? Go buy the alcohol miniatures and throw that party.


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