Are you in the process of moving, and you need some of your husband’s strong friends to help move you? If you are, then you can have a moving day party with mini shot bottles. Of course, you don’t want to be having your helpers drinking and driving, so you will want to have the moving day party after the last box and the last piece of furniture has been unloaded, then you can break out the unique liquor bottles that you have created for the moving day party.

Mini Liquor Bottles

Unique Mini Liquor Bottles

The mini shot bottles are easy to work with, and this is important, because when you are moving you don’t want to take any extra time creating mini shot bottles for your moving day party. Take a dozen or more mini shot bottles, then get a mixture of alcohol, then add the alcohol to each of the mini shot bottles. Once you have done this, then you can put a number on the bottom of each bottle, and when the moving day party starts put all of the numbers that you have labeled in a bag, then draw out several. Each one you draw out will give that person with the unique mini bottles with a prize. You don’t have to spend a fortune on the prizes, but remember you aren’t paying for a professional moving company to move you, so you want to give a gift that says, “thank you”. The prizes could be a day at the golf course or a gift certificate to the local sports bar for a bucket of beers and some hot wings. Make the mini shot bottles fun and exciting, so the moving party is fun. Order a few pizzas, and you have happy guys who didn’t mind moving you.

Affordable Miniature Liquor Bottles

The mini liquor bottles are a fun way to say that you appreciate the help that everyone gave you when moving, and it also is not boring. Everyone will want to win a prize with their unique liquor bottles, and it can be really fun too. The mini shot bottles are a way to have a moving party, have fun, and enjoy a nice drink with friends and family that didn’t mind helping you move into your new home. You can add a bit of creativity to the mini shot bottles if you have the extra time too. Have fun, then at your moving party the main game will be with the unique liquor bottles.