Make a Champagne Sampler with Mini Liquor Bottle Sizes

Champagne is a sparkling wine that originates from the region Champagne in France. In present times, champagne comes in different forms ranging from sweet to dry and even pink champagne. These are typically associated with giving champagne gifts in celebration. If you are a champagne lover, then below are some interesting facts to know.

Many of those who purchase champagne will identify the bottle type in which it is often sold in. This is termed as the standard liquor bottle sizes and holds champagne of 750 ml and comes with a concave base. This is the standard type of wine bottle which you probably see if you desire to purchase in a local wine store. However, there are literally several sizes of sparking wine bottle found in the market each with their own distinct name.

Champagne Tasting with Mini Liquor Bottle Sizes

The most popular liquor bottle sizes is undeniably the standard one, however you may have noticed much larger bottle that efficiently holds the equivalent to approximately about two bottles of sparkling wine in it. Such a bottle is known as magnum and has a capacity to hold about 1.478 liters of wine in it. It can usually be found in selected wine stores and can often be procured from the manufacturer. Larger than this, is the Jeroboam that is equivalent to 4 standard sized wine bottles and can approximately hold 2.956 liters of champagne.

Another bottle type which is equivalent to about 6 bottles is the Rehoboam and the one that is equivalent to 8 standard sized bottles is the Methuselah bottles, likewise the samlmanazar to 12 bottles and Balthazar is equivalent to 16 usual sized champagne bottles. The Nebuchadnezzar can hold about 14 liters of sparling wine in it and the Melchior has the wine holding capacity equal to 24 standard bottles. Sovereign holds 23 liters of liquor and the largest identified bottle is termed as the Melchizedek that holds equivalent to standard sized bottles of 40 in number and is also highly expensive. These larger bottles are often filled with fermented champagne within magnum or standard sized bottles, and so as per manufacturers filling a bottle in such a size might sometimes be detrimental to the wine’s taste.

Availability of Mini alcohol bottles

Although, these bottles are impressive they may be somewhat eccentric and typically collectors item. However, there are many varieties of cute smaller liquor bottle sizes which are highly affordable and are well suited for parties as well as for giving gifts. These, mini shot bottles are the growing trend and are replacing the larger ones because of their amazing features. They require less shelf space and more significantly they are idyllic to carry in your pockets or bags. Also, mini liquor bottles are the best to use for wedding favors. These smaller sized bottles are available in many different shapes and also sizes. You can either buy them to give as gift or as a collectables to display in your showcases. You can find the desired shape or wine bottle easily and instantly from the online store.