Party like a Rock Star with Mini Shot Belt 

You are the life of the party but how would you feel that whenever you begin getting the conversation started, your drink gets finished or you need to refill your glass. It’s just so frustrating. Sometimes it can be a good idea to meet that hot girl at the bar and getting her number but the act of going from your booth to the bar or taking your drinks from the bar to your table through the crowds at your favorite disco can be cumbersome.

Mini Shot Bottles “handy in Vegas”

Every liquor lover always wished that they could have a belt with the drinks attached onto it and whenever they need a refill it’s just a hand’s away. Literally speaking this has become a reality. This came to existence by the humble gesture of few friends who were going on a trip to Vegas and came up with the concept of having mini shots attached on a belt. And what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. So the concept of mini shot belt came to be true and saved every party lover from long queues of waiting for their beloved drink.

Mini Alcohol Bottles

This shot belt is just like any belt you wear around your waist but it comes with an added benefit of having mini shot bottles attached to it. This belt can hold up to 24 mini shots and the shots are attached with the belt through the Velcro, so you need not worry the next time you are dancing with your drink around your waist or just going through the crowded pubs. You can have your shot anywhere and at anytime. These are available in different colors and you can gift one to your alcohol loving friend or your liquor friendly boyfriend.
Mini shot belt can be used for the following occasions:

Birthday parties: No birthday party is complete without having beer and if it is your best friend’s party then it is all the more reason for you to have the drinks ready at hand.
• Frat parties: the frat are all the more reason to have the mini shot belt around your waist and you can be making not only a style statement but it will make you the talk of the town and all the more popular as you can impress any girl with one of these belt.
Barbeque parties: Most of you would have undergone a situation when you had to hold a chilled beer in one hand and the bucket of barbecued chicken in the other and how confusing it is that you could not enjoy either of them. But now you can be one of the few who can eat and enjoy their drink at the same time without having the worry of spilling their drink.

Mini Shot Belt

Mini shot belt are an effective and a trendy option for gifting. Shot belt for small alcohol bottles can also be added to your list of essential drink items. They can make your reputation as being the cool guy among the lot. So don’t wait and grab your belt before the much talked about party and get ready to be the king or queen of the party.

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