Are you planning an event or party? Are you tired of having the same decorations that everyone uses? You can change that up and add color, spice, and fun when you use decorative liquor bottles at your next event or party. Don’t get the wrong impression when you hear liquor bottles. You don’t have to fill the cute, unique liquor bottles with liquor. You can be creative. It is easy and fun to do. Would you like to have a few ideas on how to use decorative liquor bottles for your next event or party?


Decorative Liquor Bottles

Fun Ways to Decorate Liquor Bottles

Let’s say you are hosting a baby shower. Well, the first thing you don’t want to be handing out at a baby shower is liquor, so this is where you use your creative skills with our small, cute liquor bottles. You can fill each bottle with pink tic tacs or mints if the mother to be is having a girl or blue for a boy. You can add a colorful ribbon around the top of the bottle too. Another idea is to add a petite gold cross to the front of the liquor bottle. There are so many ways to use the bottles for your baby shower.

If you are hosting a party, then of course you can fill each bottle with different colors of alcohol to match your party’s theme colors. Maybe, you are hosting a Tupperware or candle party. You will be the hit of the party when you fill each bottle with colorful bubble bath beads. As you can see there are many ways to be creative and decorate with liquor bottles.

Professionally Decorate Liquor Bottles

Who doesn’t like a little bling? Add bling to the liquor bottles for any event or party. If your husband or boyfriend is having a tailgate party, super bowl party, or a poker party, then you can find little tokens at any craft store of dice for a poker party, a football, or anything manly to add to the front of the bottle, then add some alcohol. Your husband or boyfriend will love how you pitched in to make the party a hit.

There are many ways that you can add flair and fun to your next party or event when you use decorative liquor bottles. As you can see the bottles doesn’t have to have alcohol in them to be fun and exciting!