When you are the owner of a venue like a bar or a club, you need to constantly come up with new ideas and promotions that will keep the customers coming to you. Customers today want quality entertainment, but they also want fun and excitement, and all at a reasonable price. While this might seem like a challenge for you, one of the options you may want to explore is having special events that center on a particular shot or drink special for that night. If you do something like this, you may find that the best option available to you involves you purchasing wholesale miniature liquor bottles that you can mix up for your bar event.


Better, Safer and More Affordable

Mini bottles provide you a much better option for your drink specials for your event. Think about the possibility of offering a shot special and then needing your staff to fill and wash shot glasses all night long constantly. This can create a big backlog as customers wait for their drinks. It also sets up the possibility of you running out of glassware during the night as you wait for clean glasses. Using little plastic bottles is a much better alternative since you can mix the shots ahead of time, seal the bottles and just distribute them as the night goes on. It is a much more effective and affordable option for you.

Get Wholesale from a Good Source

You can make this venture even more profitable for yourself when you turn to us at Mini Shot Belt to get your wholesale miniature liquor bottles for your event. We can provide you with hundreds of plastic bottles designed to hold your shots and get them to you for a fantastic price. Getting the bottles at a wholesale price allows you to increase your profit margins for your event, making it all more successful for you and affordable for you to do time and again.

Miniature Liquor Bottles

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To learn more about how you can get wholesale miniature liquor bottles for your event, contact us at Mini Shot Belt. You can visit our website at www.minishotbelt.com to look over the products we offer and order online, or you can give us a call at 818-668-7184 to speak with us about wholesale pricing and ordering so you can get the large quantities of bottles that you need to make your bar event a big success.