You recently attended a great party where you laughed, danced and had a great time with family or friends. However when guest began to leave and party favors started being handed out, you were dreading getting another small containder of bubbles, stale candy, or a candle. Much to your surprise, you were presented with a mini bottle of a special shot of alcohol or drink commemorate the party. You thought this was a great idea and enjoyed it immensely, so much so that you want to use the idea for a party you are planning this summer. Your first step is to find where to buy miniature empty bottles online so you can get what you need for the party.

Searching Online for Bottles

Performing an Internet search is the place where most people begin when they are looking for anything these days. The problem is that when you search for anything you are likely to get thousands of pages with results that you need to wade through to find the bottles you want at the best price. The best approach you can take is to know what your criteria is for the bottles before you begin. Think about the quantity you will need for your party and start there so you can find sites that offer quality pricing for large orders. You then can narrow things down based on the size of bottle you need.

Miniature Empty Bottles

Getting Custom Bottles

Instead of just looking for a place to buy miniature empty bottles online for your use, what if you got some custom bottles that were made just for your party? That would give you something unique for the event, with a custom picture on the label, or the date to mark the party and a particular color of the bottle cap to match. People will be truly impressed if you were to pass out bottles like this and they will always remember the bottles.

Where to Get the Bottles You Want

So where can you buy miniature empty bottles online so you can get custom bottles or bottle ideas for your use? You can definitely reach out to us at Mini Shot Belt, the perfect source for the made in the USA plastic bottles you want for your event. You can look at the standard line of bottles we offer and place your order at our website at For custom orders, contact us or you can give us a call at 818-668-7184, so we can discuss your needs and create the bottles you want for your event.