As a business owner, you are always looking for new and inventive ideas to market your business and bring more customers through your door. When it comes to the restaurant and bar industry, the competition is fierce, with new places opening all the time to take a run at your customers. You need to do all you can to keep things fresh and interesting, and coming up with new promotional ideas that can help. You may want to consider some special drink events and parties to help you along, and here at Mini Shot Belt, we can be the best source available to you for the wholesale miniature liquor bottles you need.

Creating Drink Specials

Mini bottles can be a great way for you to contain and distribute different drink specials made especially for your event. You can pre-make dozens or even hundreds of shots of the favorite drinks for the night that you plan to have as part of your promotion. Whether it is a special concoction that you and your staff have come up with or other common shots such as, Cosmopolitan, a B-52, a daiquiri or a margarita, these bottles give you the best way to sell your drinks so that they can be passed out quickly and effectively.

Wholesale Miniature Liquor Bottles

Finding the Best Deals

If you are planning to do a promotion involving drinks like this, you want to find a great source for the wholesale miniature liquor bottles you will use for the event. Here at Mini Shot Belt, we can supply you with all the bottles you need. We offer a complete line of plastic bottles made in the USA that can hold 50mL of liquid, making them the perfect size for a shot of your choosing. We can even do customization for you so you can have a special bottle for your event, and we give you fantastic pricing for large quantities, so they are very affordable for you.

Ordering Made Easy

If you are interested in purchasing wholesale miniature liquor bottles for your next promotion, make sure to contact us here at Mini Shot Belt for help. You can place an order on our website at for any of our standard bottles, or you can give us a call at 818-668-7184 to speak with our team regarding a custom wholesale order so you can get the perfect bottle to help promote your business for your event.