Throwing a party is always fun, but as the party host, there is always a lot of work you need to do beforehand so you can make sure the party goes off perfectly. Planning the food, the music, decorations and guest list can be time-consuming as it is, but then you also need to make sure you have the beverages people will want for the party. There are always the typical choices, but if you want to do something different and fun, you might consider looking at something like using mini alcohol bottles. When you first go shopping for miniature alcohol, you might be surprised at what you find, but you can come up with a plan of your own to make it all work well for your party.

Mini Alcohol Bottles are Costly

Setting up a bar or cooler filled with different mini alcohol bottles is a great idea, but if you go to your local liquor store or package store, you will find those mini bottles are not nearly as inexpensive as you would want. The prices can be high, depending on the alcohol you want, and you could easily spend hundreds of dollars on alcohol just for the novelty of having the small bottles. It is worthwhile to you to find a better solution that is easy and more affordable for you.

Filling Your Own Bottles

If you want miniature alcohol at your party, you should look into filling your own mini bottles. It is much more affordable for you to buy the larger bottles of alcohol you want and get empty mini bottles that you can fill yourself. You can concoct special shots or drinks in each bottle that you know your guests will love and make them available at the party for something truly novel. You can get dozens of empty bottles that are reusable, so you always have them for another party down the road.

Where to Get the Bottles You Want

To get the empty bottles to use for the miniature alcohol bottles you want for your party, all you need to do is come to us here at Mini Shot Belt. We offer clear plastic bottles with different colored caps so you can get bottles you can use for your party. Look at the selection we offer on our website and place your order so you can get the amount you need to help make the special shots you want for your next party.