You know your next party is going to be great because the parties you have thrown in the past have always been spectacular events people talk about for months. You spend a lot of time getting everything ready so that guests can have a great time. You pick out the right food, the best music, and go all out to make your house comfortable and fun. The one downside you always find is when it comes to the drinks. Sure, you put out coolers and buckets of beer and wine, but somehow you always find yourself behind the bar mixing drinks and shots for people instead of mingling and enjoying the party with the others. How can you change all that? You can get yourself a mini shot belt or two and have shots ready to go for everyone.

The Belt Makes It Easy

Wearing a shot belt allows you to get out from behind the bar, have fun and still have all the shots people want for the party. You can buy the belt that holds up to 24 shot bottles so that you can fill the bottles before the party starts and carry around or wear the belt, so you can just pass out shots to whoever wants one. The belts are comfortable and stylish and let everyone know you have the special shots your parties have become known for ready at a moment’s notice.

The Belt is a Party Staple

When you get a belt from us here at Mini Shot Belt, you instantly become the hit of the party. The empty bottles give you great flexibility in what you can do with the drinks for your party. You can fill the bottles with particular liquor that people want, like tequila, rum or vodka, or make favorite shots that you know people want or shots that go well with the theme of your party. You will find that having the belt becomes something people look forward to at every party you throw.

Choose the Belt for You

At Mini Shot Belt, we offer a variety of belts in different colors so you can get what goes best with you and your party. Look at the selection on our website and get a belt or two and plenty of extra empty bottles so you can have great drinks without spending hours stuck at the bar mixing drinks.