Summer is here and now is the time for you to plan your annual pool party blowout where you have your friends and family over. You think about the food you will have, the music you will play, time spent getting the pool ready and making the outdoor patio all set for your party. One thing you do not want to forget are the drinks for your party. Sure, you will have the typical things like wine, beer, and soda, but maybe this year you want to go the extra mile and make something special for the party. This is the perfect opportunity for you to turn to us at Mini Shot Belt so you can buy mini liquor bottles to use for your pool party.

Create a Party Shot

You can take the mini liquor bottles that you order from us and fill them with your favorite summertime shot that will be ideal for your party. There are different signature summer shots that you can select from to put into the bottles. You can mix up a large batch of daiquiris, margaritas, cosmopolitans, or shots of your favorite vodka, tequila or other alcohol and pour them into the individual bottles. All you need to do  is place the bottles in a cooler, and everyone can help themselves throughout the day to an ice cold shot.

mini liquor bottles

Perfect for the Outdoors

Concerns will always arise when having an outdoor party with glassware and drink items outside near the pool. The last thing you want is broken glass or the yard littered with plastic cups. When you buy mini liquor bottles from us at Mini Shot Belt, you will get 50 mL plastic bottles that are made in the USA to use for your shots. You can simply toss the empty bottles into a recycling bin and you are done.

Place Your Order Now

There is no time better than now to make your summer pool party plans. You can head over to our website at or give us a call at (818) 668-7184, so you can buy mini liquor bottles and get them delivered right to your door. You can get all the bottles you need well in advance of your party so you can create your summer party shots and have something cool and different for your party this year.