Your wedding day is coming up in a few months, and you are trying to iron out all the final details for the big day. While all the big stuff like your dress the reception, the music and the honeymoon are taken care of, you still have some of the smaller details that need your attention. One thing you want to address are the party favors at each table for your guests. Coming up with a different idea might seem challenging to you. You have thought about candles, vases and candy dishes, but they all seem unoriginal to you. An idea that might fit well for your wedding is to fill some little bottles with a favorite shot or alcohol for the adult guests. While you think it is a great idea, you might wonder where you can get mini liquor bottles in bulk that you can fill. The answer to your question is right here at Mini Shot Belt.

Offering the Perfect Bottles

Here at Mini Shot Belt, we can offer you bottles that are the perfect size for you to use for your wedding. We sell 50ml clear bottles with tamper-evident caps so that you can fill the bottles you get with whatever beverage you want, seal the bottles and use them as part of your wedding favors. You can tie a couple of bottles together with some silver ribbon that has the wedding day printed on it, and they can be a lovely favor to thank the guests for coming to your wedding.


Getting Special Bottles in Bulk

At Mini Shot Belt, we can offer you very special mini liquor bottles in bulk. We can help you customize bottles just for your special day so that each bottle looks special. We can print labels for you with the saying you want or with the picture you want on the bottles that help make each bottle particular to your event. We even offer different colors of caps if there is a special color you want to have for your bottles.

Call Us for Your Special Bulk Order

To arrange to get your mini liquor bottles in the bulk quantities you need or to create customized bottles for your wedding, you can give us a call here at Mini Shot Belt at 818-668-7184. You can speak with a member of our staff who will be happy to take your order and give you the specifics so we can make the arrangements for your bottles. You can then have bottles for your wedding that will make wonderful keepsakes for everyone.