If you are having a large party you need to make sure that every aspect of the party is filled with a lot of fun. This means having great music and dancing, great food, great friends and just the right drinks. While there may be plenty of people that are just happy to have a bottle of beer or a cup from the keg, if you really want to liven things up you want to have plenty of mixed drinks available for all to enjoy. You can add even more to the excitement and buy mini liquor bottles that you can fill with your favorite shots so people can have easy access to the bottles.

Mini Liquor Bottles

Mini Liquor Bottles Safe for Party Fun

There are lots of glass bottle options that you can find for liquor and beer bottles, but think of all of the clean-up you are going to have after the party is over. You also do not want to have to worry about broken glass anywhere should anyone drop a bottle or two along the way. When you get some liquor bottles made of plastic you can fill them with whatever liquor or shot that you want and cap them and carry them around. You will not have to worry about anyone dropping or breaking them throughout the party.

Mix Your Favorites with Mini Liquor Bottles

The great advantage of having these empty bottles to use is that you can fill them however you want to. If you are having a particular theme to your party, like a tropical island party, you can mix all kinds of tropical shots and fill the different bottles so that people can have the party shot. Whatever the favorite drink happens to be or that fits the party theme the best you can create it and fill the bottles for everyone to enjoy it.

Empty plastic mini liquor bottles are great to use and easy to fill. You can find a selection of bottles available on the Internet so that you can get whatever number you may need for your party at a very reasonable price. You can then craft your party shots and concoctions and have them all filled up before the party starts and keep them chilled so they are perfect come time for the party. It is then just a matter of passing them out and letting the fun begin!