Alcohol miniatures are small 50ml plastic bottles. These miniatures are carried on a belt that is made from water proof material. The mini shot belt can be strapped round your waist, across your best, round your arm, or even the thigh.

These miniatures are made from the fact that, drinking your alcohol from the bottle is always fun, but not always viable based on inconvenience and the other risks involved. The conventional beer bottle is too large to carry around especially outdoor events. If you drinking from the beer bottle, then you have to occasionally place it somewhere, this presents the problem of your drink being spiked – you never know who has been seeking to harm you.

In addition, these alcohol miniatures are made with plastic material. As a result, they are safe compared to the glass beer bottles which are a threat in case they are cracked or something. Swallowing a glass piece can be the start of your health woes. In addition, the bottles can be opened and closed at will with the lid contrary to the conventional beer bottles.

Each single alcohol miniatures carry 50 ml which is not only convenient with regard to the average drinker, but also appropriate. This is simply more like a shot glass; no wonder the miniatures have been branded the mini shot bottles.


The fun of it all is in the fact that you can carry your miniatures with you wherever you go at an event. These alcohol miniatures are carried with as belt that as mentioned earlier, can be carried strapped round the waist, across the chest, round the arm or round the thing. The standard belt known as the mini shot belt carries 24 miniatures. Then here’s the good news, when you purchase the mini shot belt, it comes with a dozen empty alcohol miniatures.

Which events are the alcohol miniatures appropriate? Typically speaking, these bottles can be used in almost every event. This is based on the fact that they provide safety and convenience that is not provided through the traditional bottles and glass method of talking alcohol. Nevertheless, the miniatures are popular with highly active and outdoor events; these include college parties, camping events, hunting outings, and backyard get-togethers.

Using the alcohol miniatures has other advantages that are not limited to the ones mentioned above. One of these is that the miniatures are a conversational starter by default. Whenever you make your appearance in a party with your belt strapped round your arm or your thigh, this will definitely be the ice-breaker and soon before you know it, every person in the event is you conversant. This is a great idea if you have been invited to an event where you don’t know most of the other invitees, or if you are seeking to get close to someone whom you not sure where to begin the conversation. 

Try alcohol miniatures and be sure to post your feedback below.